FATT 2017
FATT 2017

Festival Didgeridoo - FATT 2017

31 de August, 1, 2 e 3 September

FATT 2017

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From Portugal to Mongolia... FATT is going to take a journey

FATT 2017

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Welcome to the 14º FATT edition

After a year break that left us all with many memories, the FATT returns to Sítio das Fontes in Estômbar (Algarve-Portugal), 31st August, 1, 2 and 3 of September. The festival opens doors at 13:00 on the 31st of August.


The FATT is the annual festival that promotes the didgeridoo and the Australian Aboriginal culture in Portugal. Here the nature and music bind strongly, resulting in a unique family environment between all elements. Our festival proposes different activities in various areas of music and Australian, African and Asian culture. More than 30 activities between didgeridoo workshops, hand-pan, mouth harp, harmonic singing, dancing, percussion, among others.


FATT festival is organized by the Associação Portuguesa de Didgeridoo (APD) with support from Municipality of Lagoa . The APD is a nonprofit association whose main objective is the promotion of Australian Aboriginal culture through didgeridoo.

So if you think you can help us, we are looking for sponsors and supporters.

Our history

The FATT goes in it´s 14th edition and has toured several places:

  • 2000-2001: Gatherings with friends from north and south of Portugal;
  • 2002: Festival Tribal (Ilha de Tavira), firts festival dedicated to music and ethnic culture;
  • 2003: Festival Tribal (Herdade do Penteado, Pinhal-Novo);
  • 2004: Festival Didgeridoo - FATT (Querença, Loulé);
  • 2005: Festival Didgeridoo - FATT (Alte, Loulé);
  • 2007: Festival Didgeridoo - FATT (Alte, Loulé);
  • 2008: Festival Didgeridoo - FATT (Ameixial, Loulé);
  • 2009: Festival Didgeridoo - FATT (Ameixial, Loulé);
  • 2011: Festival Didgeridoo - FATT (Ameixial, Loulé);
  • 2012: Festival Didgeridoo – FATT (Sítio das Fontes, Estômbar/Lagoa);
  • 2013: Festival Didgeridoo – FATT (Sítio das Fontes, Estômbar/Lagoa);
  • 2014: Festival Didgeridoo – FATT (Sítio das Fontes, Estômbar/Lagoa);
  • 2015: Festival Didgeridoo – FATT (Sítio das Fontes, Estômbar/Lagoa);
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It is a municipal park from Municipal state of Lagoa, which during the days of the festival is assigned to APD to carry out the FATT. The park is located on the left side of the Rio Arade, close to Estômbar village between the municipalities of Silves and Lagoa. Here sprout sources of fresh water from the biggest river of Algarve. Is in this scenario that APD intends to carry out again the Didgeridoo Festival - FATT 2017


The place has two areas of water that visitors can enjoy, the mill boiler and river. It is also fueled by solar energy from photo-voltaic panels that provide light toilets and other houses. It is also installed park for children, an area of physical fitness, a pedestrian walkway to run through the area along the river and an area with benches and tables and an amphitheater.


There is two water areas, the park does not have surveillance, so it is the responsibility of the participants to behave well in the water areas. The festival organization and the municipality of Lagoa are not responsible for those who use this with wrong behavior. In case of wrong behavior, we will call local authorities. So we ask everyone to use this space with attention and respect to avoid accidents.

The FATT is divided into 7 different areas

  • Car Parking;
  • Campers Parking
  • Tents Camping;
  • Workshop Area;
  • Handicraft fair;
  • Food stalls
  • Amphitheater / Stage;

The areas can be traveled a distance of 1km, 5 to 10 minutes apart. This mobility allows participants to stay in the room and move easily.

The camping tents and caravans fits into the enclosure, but in separate areas. The entrance of the caravans is limited to authorization of the organization.

The car parking is outside the place of the festival We kindly advise to park at the beginning of the route to Sítio das Fontes, because car parking is very limited.

The organization or the Municipality of Lagoa are not responsible for any damages or accidents that occur within the areas of the festival, however we guarantee the basic conditions to avoid future accidents.

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You can buy your tickets in the venue entree

The doors are open on the 31st of August at 13:00 and the tickets can be bought in the entree

FATT-Pass: With Camping

  • FATT-Pass at door: 35 €
  • FATT-Pass 2 days Thursday + Friday: 23 €
  • FATT-Pass 2 days Friday + Saturday: 27 €
  • 3rd of September (Sunday): *Only available for who buy the FATT-Pass

Daily tickets: Without Camping

  • 31 of August (Thursday): 12 €
  • 1 of September (Friday): 14 €
  • 2 of September (Saturday): 16 €

Exta Information

O FATT have the capacity for 1500 guests! Buy your ticket before gets sold out!

Right now is happening the last online selling period for the FATT-Pass 2017.

Get your FATT-Pass online for only 30€ until 15 August BUY HERE

Come to FATT by train and get 30% discount in the train ticket

CP Desconto More informations about this promotion please check CP / FATT Conditions

Condições Comerciais CP

  • 30% de Redução nos serviços Intercidades, Regional e Interregional, com destino à estação de Estômbar-Lagoa;
  • Emissão de bilhetes de ida e volta, obrigatoriamente;
  • Não é cumulativo com outros existentes, nomeadamente o de ida e volta;
  • A prova de direito ao desconto é realizada no ato da compra nas bilheteiras CP e a bordo do comboio junto do revisor, mediante apresentação do bilhete do Festival;
  • Apenas disponível em bilheteiras CP e a bordo do comboio, quando na estação de embarque as bilheteiras CP não estiverem de serviço;
  • Válido de 30 de agosto a 4 de setembro 2017;
  • Os bilhetes emitidos ao abrigo desta parceria são reembolsáveis, de acordo com as condições para esta operação;
  • Os bilhetes emitidos ao abrigo desta parceria são revalidáveis, dentro do período da validade do desconto, de acordo com as condições para esta operação;
  • Fora deste período, haverá cobrança da diferença para bilhete inteiro ou desconto a que tenha direito, ficando sem efeito o desconto ao abrigo da parceria;

Condições Comerciais FATT

1) Compra antecipada no site do evento para portadores de cartões, tais como:

  • Cartão CP
  • Assinaturas Regionais
  • Mediante inscrição no site do evento www.apdidgeridoo.pt, o cliente/colaborador portador de cartão deve colocar o nº ou uma foto do mesmo. A apresentação do original será efetuada na entrada no festival. Preço FATT 3 dias com desconto, pela compra antecipada: 25,00€.

2) Compra na bilheteira física do evento:

  • Mediante a apresentação do bilhete da viagem de comboio, efectuada entre os dias 30/08 e 04/09 na bilheteira física do Festival, usufrui de 2,50€ de desconto no bilhete.
  • Preço FATT 3 dias com desconto, na bilheteira física do evento: 32,50€

Benefits of FATT-Pass: This ticket gives you access to FATT 2017 every day from Thursday to Sunday. You still have at your disposal free camping, tent or caravan *, showers and toilets. In addition, you have access to all activities ** of the Festival.

The campsite will be available from 13h00 on 31st August (Thursday).

The parking area is very small!, we recommend coming by transports.

After you purchase the ticket, we will take around 4 days to sent the e-ticket via email. Thank you in advanced for your patience!

Important to Know

* The caravans or other vehicles in the camping grounds is depending on organization approval. the parking area is small so please come early

**The MasterClass will be charged separately from the festival ticket depending on the value of each teacher.

*** Children under 12 (born after 2004) are free, when accompanied by paying adults.

**** The organization or the Municipality of Lagoa are not responsible for any damages or accidents that occur within the areas of the festival, however we guarantee the basic conditions to avoid future accidents.

**** O FATT have the capacity for 1500 guests per day.

Billhetes FATT 2017


  • airtist

    Airtist ( Austria / Hungria )

    From Austria and Hungary, we get the Airtists. Trio composed by Markus Meurer (didgeridoo), Bbdoeme (beatbox) and Szabolcs Gimesi (harp-de-boca). The union of the three instruments creates fluid and organic rhythms that result in a spectacle full of energy and complicity between the elements of the band. For the second time in FATT, the Airtists will present their new album.

  • egschiblen

    Egschiglen ( Mongolia )

    Trio composed by Tumursaikhan Janlav, Baasandorj Amartuvshin and Tsend-Ochir Uuganbaatar come for the first time in Portugal. Egschiglen means "beautiful melody" which translates to traditional Mongolian music journey, focusing on its nomadic roots and traditional instruments. The rivers, mountains, horses, winds of the steppes and deserts are sung by Khoomei singers. The result is an amazing journey.

  • Druid

    Druyd ( Croatia )

    Dubravko Lapaine, Mary Crnkovic-Pilas and Ivan Uravic form the Druyd. The Croatian trio is distinguished by the deep, detailed and fluid composition between the didgeridoo, guitar and voice. For the first time in the FATT, the Druyd will present songs from their latest album, but also interpretations of works since 2009. It will undoubtedly be a great show to not be missed on the stage of FATT

  • khayalan

    Khayalan ( Portugal )

    Coming from Lisbon and created in 2012, Khayalan have been exploring musical textures Ethno-Contemporary. Initially the group formed by three friends, Zé Cruz, Carlos Rodrigues (Kabeção) and João Jardim as founding members. Recently the group added two more incredible sound travelers, Sebastião Bergmann and João Nunes. We expect a great sound journey in FATT

  • Till Sunday Pirate

    Till Sunday Pirate ( Portugal )

    Renato Oliveira is the mentor of the project "Olivetree Dance" and one of promoters of didgeridoo in Portugal. In FATT, he presents the solo project "Till Sunday Pirate", a "one man show" show with strong percussion and didgeridoo beats. A complex execution that the northern pirate has carried around the world.

  • Jeremy Nattagh & Adele

    Jérémy Nattagh & Adèle Bianchi( France )

    Jérémy and Adèle arrive from France loaded with percussive and melodic rhythms. He in the cajon and handpan and she in the didgeridoo and harp-of-mouth, merge throughout the concert with harmonious grooves between the instruments. The result is an acoustic trance show that will leave the FATT in a trance.

  • Tiago Francisquinho

    Tiago Francisquinho ( Portugal )

    Born in Tomar, Tiago Francisquinho has developed several didgeridoo projects, such as T3ka and duets with national and international artists. In 2016 he won the 1st prize in the Didge-Batle contest in France. Common presence in FATT festival over the years, in 2017 presents his most recent solo album "Alma no Sopro".

  • Alejandro Urilá & Ricardo Passo

    Oleum Flumen ( Spain )

    The duo Alejandro Úrila and Cheikh Montero bring to the FATT the Oleum Flumen project, which reflects the fusion of two virtuoso multi-instrumentalists who have traveled the world in search of the rhythmic basis of each instrument. The fusion results in complex and detailed compositions, voice, didgeridoo, percussion, mouth harp and others.

  • Meru Trio

    Meru Trio ( Portugal )

    First time playing in FATT, Pedro de Faro new musical project, Rui Aires and Carolina Pizzaro, brings together ethnic instruments such as sitar, Portuguese guitar, didgeridoo and the latest hand-pan. With harmonious compositions, the Meru Trio invite you to accompany them on a multicultural and relaxing sound journey.

Artistas FATT 2017

Festival schedule


The concerts starts every night at 20h30 / 21h00


  • Meru Trio (Portugal)
  • Tiago Francisquinho (Portugal)
  • Till Sunday Pirate (Portugal)


  • Oleum Flumen (Spain)
  • Egschiglen (Mongolia)
  • Jérémy Nattagh & Adèle Bianchi (France)


  • Khayalan (Portugal)
  • Druyd (Croacia)
  • Airtist (Hungary / Austria)

Masterclass (25 euros)

This workshops has duration of 2 hours and you can buy the ticket in the info spot

Activities (Free)

Very soon more details about all activities

Speeches (Free)

How an artist begins his journey with a given instrument and why that musical instrument. Conversations between audience and artists in the amphitheater, with questions and answers for 45 min.

Programa FATT 2017


FATT Stalls

Are available three types of commercial spaces : Handicrafts, Therapies and Catering Stalls. If you wish to obtain one of these spaces during our event, please read all conditions and sign up before July 1, 2017. All registrations will be reviewed by the organization, which reserves the right to accept or refuse them.

  • Evaluation order:

  • Arrival time of the applications;
  • Diverse and originality of proposals;
  • Matching the festival theme and environment conscience;
  • Payment order;

Payment will only be only accepted after confirmation. If yes, the candidates will have 7 working days to make the reservation of the stand.

We recommend everyone to read the conditions for exhibitors. The provisions of this Regulation are accepted by exhibitors at the time of your application and apply to the relations established between them and the APD (Associação Portuguesa do Didgeridoo). Acceptance of participation of exhibitors belong to the organization may refuse any application that according to its criteria do not fit the scope or objectives of the Festival. The registration must be made and sent by 15 July . The organization reserves the right decision to choose the location requested by each of the exhibitors. To be validated registration is obligatory fill out the form and make the payment.

General Conditions

  • Assembly and disassembly of the exhibited products should be carried out every day, subject to opening hours to the public;
  • The space, lot or stand, is located outdoors;
  • Each exhibitor will have to bring own structure, tent, lighting (lamps, extensions and triple, etc.);
  • Exhibitors are forbidden to connect any electrical appliance without the authorization of the organization;
  • Do use of power generators is not allowed;
  • The organization does not provide or facilitate material for exposing the products;
  • The loading and unloading of goods can only be made up to 30 minutes after the opening of the Festival to the general public is not allowed to stay in the car festival grounds during operation;
  • The exhibitor is responsible for its own material;
  • The organization does not guarantee spaces for storage;
  • The organization is not responsible for any withdrawals and they shall be reported until 30 July for possible monetary return;
  • Pets are allowed in the festival under some responsibility terms, please check the pets section;
  • The craft exhibitors and "therapies" are not allowed to trade in foods and drinks;
  • We request that the end of the Festival, each exhibitor undertakes the cleaning of your space. It will be made available to exhibitors containers of garbage and recycling;
  • The rental of stand space gives access to the festival grounds, in which the activities and camping (tent and caravan);
  • Entries are free for children under 12, according to the general conditions of access to the Festival;
  • Any doubts and omissions will be resolved with the organization;
  • The general handycraft stalls are sold out, only available for stalls that sell musical instruments. If this is the case, sent us an email to fatt@apdidgeridoo.pt

    The craft fair is part of the FATT and is considered one of the most original fairs between the festival. Our rules are simple, but the selection is strict:

    • Original craftsmanship and craftsmanship;
    • World-wide fair-trade craftsmanship that develops communities;
    • Ethnic quality musical instruments;
    • Environmentally and animal friendly products;

    Value: The price of (3x3m) space for crafts is 55 Euros, including 2 Pass-FATT. The organization is not responsible or provides a place to store the material. Being of the total responsibility of the artisans.

    Form Handcraft
  • The catering stalls are sold out

    Normal conditions for catering spae:

    If you wish to have a commercial stall for catering, the conditions are as follows:

    • Homemade and freshly cooked food;
    • Hygiene and food safety protocol;
    • Food sales license;
    • The sale of alcoholic drinks are not allowed;
    • Ability to have the stand open and with food from 10am until 02am;
    • Display list of available products;
    • The organization reserves the right to accept or reject proposals without justification;

    Value: the price of the space until 25m2 (5x5m) is 250 Euros, including 5 entries (need to be identified in the form) Send full name of all elements with citizen card or Passport

    For larger spaces or more people contact organization for budget.

    Form Catering stalls
  • The stalls for therapies are sold out!

    We have only 3 therapies stalls available

    There are more and more people looking for sound, taste therapy or massages to relax from a stressful day. Although FATT provides a relaxing environment in itself, 3 spaces are available for this purpose. The rules are simple.

    • Sound Massage;
    • License for physical massages, respecting all client's hygiene and privacy protocols.
    • No kind of shamanism or religions beliefs are allowed for these spaces;
    • The location of the stand is specific and determined by the organization;

    Value: The price of (3x3m) space for therapies is 55 Euros, including 2 Pass-FATT. The organization is not responsible or provides a place to store the material. Being of the total responsibility of the therapist.

    Form Therapies
Stands FATT 2017


Registrations for volunteers are closed

FATT is an independent festival of any political and comercial lobbies, that aims to grow in Portugal a peaceful environment where you can exchange knowledge freely. Since the beginning we have hundreds of hands to help us raise this event. Every year several volunteers join us into the FATT volunteers crew. After a review, they are selected for specific areas where your experience and knowledge will be important.

Information about the volunteers:

Volunteering in the FATT is more than the philosophy of the ticket. We're looking for people that shares and understands our philosophy. It Is important for us that you understand the reason of our festival to exist. We do not ask for super heroes, but we appreciate Love, dedication, responsibility and especially will to help us grow the movement of the didgeridoo in Portugal. The workload will be at 5 hours daily. Please Read the conditions of volunteers

The volunteer has the duty to:

  • Respect and understand the general rules of the organization;
  • Ensure the proper use of resources, goods, equipment and objects at your disposal;
  • Work with the organization of the APD, respecting their options and following their technical guidance;
  • Use properly identification as a Volunteer during the time you are working as volunteer;
  • Arrive at the Festival until August 29th;
  • Attend the general meeting on August 29th at 10am for discussion and distribution of tasks;
  • Fulfill the tasks and schedules stipulated by the organization;
  • Finish your volunteer role on September 4th at 13:00;

The volunteer has the right to:

  • You have access to initial training to improve your volunteer work;
  • Have a volunteer identification;
  • 2 meals a day (lunch and dinner);
  • Festival Ticket with access to workshops and camping;
  • Share your ideas, we are open to accept any idea that can improve our festival;
  • Have 25% discount on FATT/APD products/merchandising;

Very important

To be part of the FATT volunteer crew is necessary to make a deposit value of 30€, at the end of the festival, if all tasks and schedules have been performed successfully will be refunded the relevant amount. This standard rule was created in order to establish responsibility of each volunteer to carry out its functions.We have only 30 volunteer slots. If you think that you are one of the person and you have more than 18 years, please sign up here: Volunteer Form


Volunteers Areas:

Se queres If you want to be part of this team, we are waiting for you. Where? In all the areas of FATT venue:

  • Tickets Info
  • Security
  • Kitchen
  • Bar
  • Kids Area
  • Logistics
  • Instruments Storage
  • General Cleaning
  • Car Parking
  • Camping and Caravans
  • First Aid
Lugar FATT 2017


We are waiting for you...

For safety and sustainability reasons, only the Pass-FATT of 3 or 2 day festival is entitled to camping. With daily ticket is not allowed to camp. Participants with daily ticket must leave the place when the doors close on the day of the ticket. Without their credential is not allowed to stay in the camping area.

The Camping will be open from 12h00 of August 31st (Thursday) e it closes at 16h of the September 2nd (Sunday).

it is strictly forbidden to camp outside the enclosed camping, witch can be considered wild camping. being the local authorities responsability for the areas outside to the festival permisses. any incident outside the limits defined by the organization, is entirely the responsibility of the involved persons

There are two camping areas

Tent Area

This area is limited only to camping tent. It is forbidden vehicle parking (cars, motorbikes or caravans).

CamperVan Area

Area bounded to parking caravans. No parking of other vehicles (eg cars or motorbikes). This zone is forbidden assembling tents. There will be areas bounded to a correct parking permit to allowed more space in the parking.


  • Male and Female Wc's;
  • Male and Female Showers;
  • Recycle and normal garbage bin;


  • Suncream and mosquito's repellent (Very important!);
  • Fresh water;
  • Please use natural products to prevent pollution;
  • You can only make fire in the specific places (If a fire is detected outside this area, it is immediately erased and the responsible person need to leave the festival);
  • It is not allowed any type of glass bottles;
  • Respects the environment, reduces waste and uses the recycle bin's properly;
  • Pick up all your dog's dropings;
  • Please respect the camping silence hours;

Lugar FATT 2017


We are waiting for you

FATT is held in the municipal park Sítio das Fontes from the village Estômbar (Lagoa, Algarve) around 6 km from the A22. It is a small paradise isolated but easily accessible:

GPS Coordinates:

  • Latitude: 37° 9'42.07"N
  • Longitude: 8°29'2.35"W
  • Google Maps : Check here


Nothing like a map, see the destination and choose the best way. You can choose to go by motorway 6km from the venue, or national highway. If you are in the National road (N120) goes towards Silves, in Silves station after about 5 km from the station you will see a sign saying Sítio das Fontes. If you take this route, you'll avoid the A22 which is paid motorway.


There are several trains per day that stop at Lagoa-Estômbar Station, which is 2,5km from the festival venue. visit www.cp.pt to check prices and schedules. If you come from north (Porto, Lisbon) stop in Tunes Station and then catches the regional train following to Lagos and you get out at the station Estombar-Lagoa. Check the discount advantages that CP is offering if you book early.


Take the Express bus to Portimão or Lagoa or bus EVA (Lisbon and Faro). Check the times from Rede Expresso or EVA Bus.


You can take the plane to Lisbon or Faro and easily arrive by train or bus to Estômbar. Check the site skycanner and see the different possibilities of flight to match with the train CP or Rede expresso Bus

Animais FATT 2017



Guest pets or assistance animal have free entrance in FATT festival, however we have a few recomendations and rules for those who want to bring their faithfull friends. We all wish at some stage in our lives have a pet, which will bring many benefits and responsibilities. Keep our dog healthy and to ensure it does not get anxious or stressed is a difficult task and when it is not achieved the result are many psychological and physical problems. Some factors that lead to an animal please stress are for example the heat, the noise and the lack of water.

Well, if you love your pet and want to see healthy APD recommends to not bring it into the Didgeridoo Festival . Not that we don't like their company, actualy we love animals, that's why we must warn you that here, high temperatures that can easily reach 35C - 40C, the loud noise of concerts and workshops, lack of drinking water and shadows seems to us enough reasons to letting your best friend in family home or with friends who can not go to FATT and willing to take care of your dog for a few days! In addition, in this region of Algarve, there are high levels of leishmaniasis, a disease that causes extreme pain and deadly animals.

In case you need any good hotel for the pet, here you can find some:

Any doubts please contact the organization


In case you still want to bring your animal, or you really have no other choice, you have to follow this rules:

  • The owner is totaly responsible by everything that can happen to the animal during the festival in all the permisses. The organization is not responsible by any incident involved with animals. Fights, excape or theaths, incidents between participants, and so on. In case of bite, or any other damage the owner must assume all the possible expenses;
  • Provide drinking water to your pet;
  • Bring bags and Catch all the droppings remember that there area chilldrens playing around;
  • Forbidden animals in heat (female dogs in heat has caused fights between dogs in the past, catching people unawares;
  • If you want to cool down your pet you can do it in the river area, it is forbidden animals in the main bath area;
  • Bring the documents and updated vaccination;
  • Respect each others space is important, be responsible and consient about your animal;

FATT is prowd of being a animal friendly festival, where anyone can bring their best friends, all these rules are necessary that we can keep receiving them. Acept and respect each others space and fears is fundamental so that we can all be in the same space without conflicts. In case of any of those rules are not folowed, we must call the competent authorities and all the process will be forward to the righfull tutor. Bringing your patt can be painfull for him, so think twice before you do so!!

If you stay in the caravans parking, you can always keep your dog there, preferably in a leash (to avoid fights scattered dogs or droppings), preferably in the shade and with fresh water. All animals left in the camping must be reported to the organization.

Lugar FATT 2017



  • Bring tent and the other tools for camping;
  • Bring musical instruments;
  • You are not allowed to spend the night inside the venue. only in the camping area;
  • Be prepared for the night, normal is cold
  • Mosquito's repellent;
  • In Sitio das Fontes there is no fresh drinking water . In the venue you will find water outlets and other drinks, but we advise you to bring your own water;
  • Prepare the trip in advanced
  • You are only allowed to make fire for the barbecue in marked areas;
  • There is ATM in the town of Estômbar (+-2km), but does not exist in the festival venue;
  • If you are looking for a lift or you can give a lift, go to our page facebook

FATT Rules

  • Is only allowed to make barbecue fire in roasters placed inside the venue grounds. Stoves out of place itself will be taken as a crime
  • Loose dogs or female dogs in heat are not permitted in the festival.
  • Jump railings and fences will be considered assault.
  • You are not allowed bring any glass bottles.
  • We kindly ask you to respect the rules for the proper functioning and sustainability of the festival.
  • Good vibes, joy, music and lots of peace is what we need to be a great FATT.
Artistas FATT 2017



More photos from the 2015 edition please check our gallery. All photos are from Rui Ferreira

We are here

If you need to contact APD, please sent us an email to fatt@apdidgeridoo.pt

FATT apoios